MICE 2014

If you missed , we brought back a fair amount of overstock. SIGNED overstock from Dave Roman  Raina Telgemeier  James Kochalka and Box Brown  -kjc

Huge thanks to Tony & Kelly at for being our partners at They made the weekend extra great!

Pics! James Kochalka & Paul Hornschemeier  -kjc

Pics! Emily Carroll  & Box Brown  -kjc

Pics! Raina Telgemeier  & Dave Roman  -kjc

I’m so mean! Shelli Paroline  & James Kochalka at -kjc

Check out Raina Telgemeier  for her Cartoon You Workshop!

Me &Tony Davis at -kjc

All this and more happened on our twitter account expertly posted by -kjc (Kelly).

And also the Million Year Picnic crew in the wild:

Photos by Patrick Ford http://psford.com