Will Eisner Kids Workshop

March 14th, Between 1pm and 3pm at the Cambridge Main Library.
Curious George Room, 449 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02138
Comics Workshop 2015
A Free open to the public workshop by Local and Boston Comics Roundtable creators.
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Below is a listing of the amazing creators involved on this workshop.

Liz Prince

Liz Prince is an award-winning cartoonist who’s work has appeared in Razorcake magazine, the Adventure Time comic series, and numerous comics anthologies. Her latest book, Tomboy, is a critically acclaimed memoir about childhood through the lens of gender stereotypes. She lives in Davis Sq. with her cats Wolfman & Dracula.
Liz Prince

Jesse Lonergan

Jesse Lonergan is a cartoonist living in Somerville. He has had three big books, one about doomed relationships, one about Peace Corps Turkmenistan, and the other about small-town high school baseball published by NBM ComicsLit and has self-published numerous little books about such things as the greatest rock and roll band ever, growing up, growing old, and whether an unarmed human can beat a wolf in a fight.

Ludgy Jean-Baptiste

LJ-Baptiste is a 22-year-old illustrator born in Dorchester. He enjoys writing, drawing, and referring to himself in the third person. He currently does a webcomic series entitled Comixscape.

Youngin Hur

Youngjin Hur is a Korean American comic artist and manager at a froyo store. His work tends to shift between being dark and off the wall bonkers, depending on the story. He currently self-publishes and uploads his comics to the internet because that’s what all the cool kids are doing nowadays.

Dan Mazur

Dan Mazur is an independent cartoonist, editor, publisher and author who lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His comics have appeared in numerous anthologies, and his Cold Wind (with Jesse Lonergan), was named a notable in The Best American Comics of 2013. He is the co-writer with Alexander Danner of Comics: A Global History, 1968 to the Present. He is co-founder of the Boston Comics Roundtable, and MICE: the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo, and founder of Ninth Art Press, as small press devoted to comics and comics anthologies, which has recently published SubCultures: a Comics Anthology.
BCC 2013 Dan head

Heide Solbrig

Heide Solbrig, scholar, filmmaker, illustrator, and media artist is the sole proprietor of ‘Whatever Floats Your Boat Productions. WFYB focuses upon transmedia documentary production, currently working on sexuality education in collaboration with Partners’ in Sex Education. Other projects include producing an interview archive of residents’ experience at ‘The Water Tower Place’ a low-income housing project in St. Louis, Missouri, and producing a vlog series on economic education. Solbrig’s films, ‘Float’(2003) and ‘Man and the Middle Class’(2013) each tell intimate political economies of an era. Her current media-art project, The Dandelion King is a graphic novel and film series documenting Solbrig’s childhood in the 1970’s. Solbrig’s productions use personal storytelling in multiple mediums and include experimental montage combining historical footage, interview, illustration/animation and personal-essay narration.

Mehitabel Glenhaber

Mehitabel Glenhaber is a senior at the Commonwealth School and all around comics lover. She is the creator of The Misadventures of Harold, a comic about a squid in space, and also had a story, Captain Toxic Sludge Girl, published in In A Single Bound #3. She is hoping to publish her newest work, a collection of (mostly) true stories about the adventures of an eleven year old at Unitarian-Universalist summer camp, soon. When she isn’t drawing comics, she spends her time swing dancing and hitting people with swords.

Mo Oh

Mo Oh is a graduate from the Center for Cartoon Studies with an MFA in cartooning. She is currently residing in Somerville and enjoys reading, drawing, eating, baking, and attempting to grow things to eat. Her roommate has a cat.
Mo Oh off

Ben Doane

Ben Doane is an alumni of Mass College of Art, and cartoonist operating in the Boston Area. He publishes short comics on a semi regular basis, and is coming out with a new book “Good Morning Gorgon” with Olivia Li in March of 2015. His works, and other content can be found at jamjarastronaut.com

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