Yes! More Local Events

Thee Massachusetts Independent Comic Expo (MICE) is just twenty days away. Come visit us and a lot of amazing creators at Lesley University’s University Hall in Porter Square on Saturday October 29th, and Sunday October 30th for a tremendous comic experience. It’s free! (

Starting this Tuesday, October 11th, and for the following seven Tuesday nights from 6-9, Boston Comics Roundtable writer and artist, EJ Barnes will be running an Introduction To Cartooning and Graphic Storytelling workshop at The Boston Comics Workspace, 561 Windsor Street, Studio 306A in Somerville. (

Will Eisner Comics Workshops

Will Eisner Poster Workshops Social
March 12th, Between 1pm and 3pm at the Cambridge Main Library.
449 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02138

Teen Room at the Cambridge Main Library.


Curious George Room at the Cambridge Main Library.

Free open to the public workshops by Local and Boston Comics Roundtable creators.
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See the Cambridge Public Library listing.

Below is a listing of the amazing creators involved on this workshop.

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Colonial Comics Signing

colonial poster Signing facebook


The Observation of Various December Holidays, having once been deemed a Sacrilege, the exchanging of Gifts and Greeting, dressing in Fine Clothing, Feasting and similar Satanical Practices hereby


with the merrymakers liable to spend 330 Shillings on a copy of

Colonial Comics: New England, 1620 – 1750

signed by authors and artist from the book including Jason Rodriguez, John L. Bell, A. David Lewis, E.J. Barnes, Chris Piers and more. Merrymakers can purchase copies of these books at

The Million Year Picnic

in town of Cambridge, Massachusetts between the hours of

3PM and 5 PM on December 20th, 2014

Let it be known that in addition to purchasing signed copies of Colonial Comics, merrymakers will be permitted to embark on a Free Walking Tour of Cambridge guided by the Historian and Colonial Contributor John L. Bell at 4 PM.

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