Some New Arrivals for the Week of 3 May 2020

Friends and neighbors! We are still getting books! Here is a sample of NINE new books we received in the past week. There will be more soon! If you live in the greater Cambridge/Watertown/Arlington/Medford/Somerville/Waltham area, we will deliver them to your mailbox or front porch for free! We are also willing to ship you books. Contact us via email,, or call 617-492-6763. (If you have to leave a message, we’ll get back to you.)

Catwad Me Three – The third volume of Jim Benton’s humor series for young readers.

Catwad, the snarky blue furball with a funny take on just about everything, is back in this third graphic novel in an all-new series from New York Times-bestselling author Jim Benton! Catwad and Blurmp are back and ready for more adventures in this newest volume in which they meet new friends, try out yoga (spoiler alert: Catwad hates it), and more! It’s a laugh-out-loud romp not to be missed, even if Catwad claims otherwise.

Ms. Marvel vol 2: Stormranger by Saladin Ahmed & Joey Vazquez.

Collects Magnificent Ms. Marvel (2019) #7-12. Kamala Khan really needs a break – but things don’t work like that for Ms. Marvel! Kamala’s road trip with Zoe and Nakia gets derailed by literal corporate zombies! The villainous Monopoly has set his sights on our magnificent hero – and his new recruits Discord and Lockdown are more than happy to deliver Ms. Marvel on a silver platter! And when disaster strikes Kamala’s family, she and Bruno are drawn closer together than ever before. Are these two best friends about to become something more? Or will Kamala’s duties as Ms. Marvel come between them? Plus: Doctor Strange’s skills are needed while Kamala tries to stop Mister Hyde’s rampage through Jersey City. With her new suit, she may just have the power needed – but does it come with a terrible cost?

The City We Became is a brand new novel by N.K. Jemisin, 3-time Hugo winner for the Broken Earth trilogy and writer for DC Comics Far Sector series. We are taking special orders for prose fiction and nonfiction as well as graphic novels!

Phoebe & Her Unicorn vol 11: Camping with Unicorns by Dana Simpson

School’s out, so Phoebe and her unicorn best friend, Marigold Heavenly Nostrils, have the entire summer to play games, visit the pool, and even go camping. Unicorn horns are excellent utensils for roasting things over the campfire, too, even if Marigold prefers toasted apples to s’mores. While exploring in the woods, Phoebe and friends meet a unicorn named Alabaster, who uses a special video game console that’s powered by plants. Throughout her summer adventures, Phoebe learns that being cool isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and that it’s much better to be your true self. It’s all part of the unforgettable experience of Camping with Unicorns.

New middle-grade graphic novel from Scholastic, Nat Enough. First volume in a new series by cartoonist Maria Scrivan introduces Natalie on her first day of middle school as she attempts to overcome her insecurities and navigate this new world. “…gentle and timeless.” –Publishers Weekly. With expressive, comic strip-style art.

Making friends isn’t easy, but losing them is even harder! Natalie has never felt that she’s enough. Athletic enough, stylish enough, or talented enough. And on the first day of middle school, Natalie discovers that things are worse than she thought; now she’s not even cool enough for her best friend, Lily! As Natalie tries to get her best friend back, she learns more about her true self and natural talents. If Natalie can focus on who she is rather than who she isn’t, then she might realize she’s more than enough, just the way she is.

From award-winning French cartoonist Blutch, collecting a diverse array of short stories from the mid-1990s, translated into English for the first time by Matt Madden. And, yes, one sort story features a shape-shifting Robert Mitchum.

A star of French comics imagines America – its movie stars, its history, its fashion – in these tantalizing graphic short stories about everything from love to, yes, the actor Robert Mitchum. Blutch is one of the most inventive storytellers in comics, and nothing reveals it like Mitchum. Serialized and collected in the mid-90s and never before available in English, this is Blutch at his most wide-ranging: from Puritan fever dreams to an encounter with a shape-shifting Robert Mitchum, Blutch builds stories out of his dreams, visions of America, and anything else he can get his hands on.

Camp Spirt, a brand new 200+ page graphic novel by Axelle Lenoir. Cool-looking, vividly-colorful take on summer camp with some language and situations that make it more of a teen/adult read. Published by Top Shelf.

Summer, 1994. With just two months left before college, Elodie is forced by her mother to take a job as a camp counselor. She doesn’t know the first thing about nature, or sports, or kids for that matter, and isn’t especially interested in learning… but now she’s responsible for a foul-mouthed horde of girls who just might win her over. But just as Elodie starts getting used to her new environment-and close to one of the other counselors-a dark mystery lurking around the camp begins to haunt her dreams.

Art of Junji Ito: Twisted Visions. Already sold out! But we’re getting more!

A first-ever collection of Junji Ito’s artworks, featuring over 130 images from his bestselling manga titles along with rare works. This sublime collection includes all of Ito’s unforgettable illustrations in both black-and-white and color, from Tomie’s dreadful beauty to the inhuman spirals of Uzumaki. Includes an interview focused on Ito’s art technique as well as commentary from the artist on each work.

Eat And Love Yourself by Sweeney Boo (Love Is Love)

For fans of Seconds and Wet Moon! Mindy is a young woman living with an eating disorder and trapped in a battle for her own self-worth. When she accidentally discovers a magic chocolate bar that will give her a chance to revisit her past, she thinks she has a chance to put her life back on track. But will she be able to find a way back to her present, and just as important, a way to treat herself with love and kindness, at any size? Join the incredible creative duo of writer/artist Sweeney Boo (Marvel Action: Captain Marvel) and writer Lylian (Ellana) on a journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and just a bit of magic.