More Comix Creation Classes for Kids in July and August!

The shop is still closed to browsing, but that doesn’t mean we’re not working! We’re doing curbside pick-ups, free local deliveries for orders over $15, and shipping all over the country! AND, our friend Jason Wiser is offering another set of COMIX CREATION CLASSES FOR KIDS! The next Level 1 course begins this coming Monday, 20 July 2020, from 4-5pm daily. Classes will be recorded if you miss a day! (The class will run again from August 10-14 2020; the next Level 2 class will be August 17-21, 2020, time TBD.)

These classes run 5 days a week, 1 hour a day through a Zoom link provided by the teacher for kids age 8 and older. Students can participate through an Internet-connected laptop or tablet, and materials are typically paper, pencil, and pen. All work is optional, but kindness is mandatory!

To register, please send the $50 course fee (per household, so 1 kid or 5 kids, it’s the same price) to the Million Year Picnic comic book store via PayPal.

(1). The Course Name & Date (e.g., “Comix 1” or “Comix 2” plus “Week of July 20” or “Week of August 10” or “Week of August 17”)
(2). Your Child’s Name and Age
(3). An email address (to send you the daily Zoom link).

If you have problems with PayPal or need to use a different payment method, please contact us at or call 617-492-6763.

Note that this is a fundraiser for the shop as Jason let’s us keep the bulk of the fees! You’re helping us stay in business!

If you do not see an email from us by 3:30pm of the first day of class, it might be in your spam folder. Please check, and please email with questions! Jason’s website is

Jason Wiser is a Harvard Instructor of Comics, Animation, and Game Development. His comics work has been published in the Boston Globe, his animation has appeared on the Disney TV show “Greek” and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and his published games include the award-winning cooperative card game for kids “Monsters in the Elevator” (