New Stuff

We got 2 new little Edward Gorey hardcovers we’ve never had before – THE OSBICK BIRD ($12.95) and THOUGHTFUL ALPHABETS HC ($14.95). We also got a COMETBUS collection called ADD TONER ($12.00) and the newest issue, #54.

Brothers John Agbaje (art) and Charles Agbaje (story) dropped off issues #1 and #2 of their comic PROJECT 0. It’s a manga-influenced science fiction story chronicling the tale of an orphaned young boy, Owen, who finds himself gifted with the power to create change in the world around him. While trying to find a way back home, he and his only friends have a chance encounter with a mysterious private military organization, The Lancers, and the two saboteurs who would go to great lengths to stop this organization from completing its strange mission. An adventure is set in motion that will shake the foundations of reality. Kelly give the issues two thumbs up. Sample pages, biographies, and history of the world they’ve created can be found here: