End of the Year Sale 2018!

Dear Picnic family & friends:

Happy Holidays to all! Thanks to everyone who read Kelly’s missive and came out to shop here in the last weekend before Christmas! We had a wonderful closing weekend. Still, we are running behind where we need to be, so we are going to end the year with a giant sale. Starting Thursday, December 27 and running through Monday, December 31 almost everything in the store — new comics, graphic novels, regular back issues, t-shirts, cards — will be 40% OFF. There will be a few exceptions: books in your sub folder are still 20% off; back issues behind the counter will be 20% off; and any existing special orders or books or books on hold won’t be discounted. Other than that, if something isn’t in a box in the store, it will be discounted 40%.

As we conclude our 44th year in Harvard Square, it is impossible not to notice how rapidly the Square is changing. Another business seems to close or move every other week. Tess, Crema Cafe, Tealuxe, Vision House — all shuttered. Urban Outfitters is closing its doors in early January. In the short run there is less and less to bring people to this side of the Square.

So, The Picnic is going to try to keep rolling with the punches and adapting to the new retail landscape. We are going to greatly increase our online presence. We are already listing back issues on Etsy and hope to have old comics, graphic novels, and undergrounds up on both eBay and Amazon in the next couple of months. We are sitting on thousands of Silver Age comics, rare undergrounds, out-of-print graphic novels, imported horror magazines, and foreign language comics; and we are going to try to find a way to get it all up on E-commerce sites and our own website. And, for as long as we can, we are going to keep cramming as much wonderful stuff as we can into this tiny space of ours. 

Also, we are going to take some time to celebrate our 45th anniversary in 2019! I’m hoping we can invite friends both old and new to come celebrate with us!

All the best,
The Million Year Picnic
99 Mt Auburn Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

Holiday Hours 2018

We will be open Christmas Eve until at least 4pm. You can call to check if we’re still open after that — 617-492-6763.

We will be closed Christmas Day.

We will be open New Year’s Eve until 5pm.

We might be open the afternoon of New Year’s Day, call to check — 617-492-6763.

NEW COMIC BOOK DAY will be WEDNESDAY throughout the holiday season!

Come Buy With Us!

Hey there folks,

We hope that you are having a great holiday season and we’d like to ask a favor.

Things have been a bit slow for us around the shop and we’d appreciate it very much if you could stop in and do some of your holiday gift shopping with us.

We’ve got some things on sale (see below). And we’ve got some back issues packaged up according to story lines that we’re selling for cheaper than their trade paperback counterparts. Plus, Tony is always bringing in interesting back issues from our warehouse, so there’s some turnover there.

We are loaded with lots of trade paperbacks and hardcovers for both kids and adults. We’ve been adding to our biographical section with books in hardcover like Monet: Itinerant of Light (other art biographies include Gauguin: The Other World and Vincent on van Gogh); Glenn Gould: A Life Off Tempo (about the Canadian pianist who was a child prodigy); Economics in Wonderlandd by former U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich; Run For It: Slaves Who Fought For Their Freedom; Billie Holiday; and Thoreau: A Sublime Life.

Plus, we have plenty of copies of the trade paperback Mad About Trump from the writers and publishers of MAD Magazine if you want to delight (or annoy) your relatives.

We have quite a few DC & Marvel omnibuses and hardcovers at 40-50% off. If you like Ms Marvel written by G. Willow Wilson, you may also enjoy one of her earlier books, Cairo, for $9.99 in softcover (regularly $17.99) and $10.99 in hardcover (regularly $24.99). We have The Authority volume 2 by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely in hardcover for $14.99 (regularly $34.99). And we have Django Unchained hardcovers for $9.99, regularly $24.99.

And we have some special signed books, including signed copies of Amulet by Kazu Kibuishi (a featured guest at this year’s MICE: The Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo) and various fairy tale retellings by Metaphrog. We also have a very special deal we made so that we are only one of two shops in the United States with signed and numbered bookplates for SATANIA, the new NBM book written by Fabien Vehlmann and illustrated by a couple of friends of the Million Year Picnic, Kerascoët.

Kerascoët is the pen name of the charming couple Marie Pommepuy and Sebastien Cosset. You may have met them during their signing at the Million Year Picnic or during their attendance as special guests of MICE in October of 2016. Kerascoët is also known for the books Beautiful Darkness, Beauty, Miss Don’t Touch Me, and their work on the Dungeon series. They also illustrated Malala’s Magic Pencil by the Nobel Peace Prize-winning young author Malala Yousafzai.

Finally, a note to our friends who are subscribers. If you haven’t been into the store in a few months, picking up your subscription before the end of the year would be a GREAT holiday present to us, your friends at the Million Year Picnic.